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on June 5, 2013

Hi, I’m Jess.

I want to be a writer, so I’ve got to get out of my rut and just write. Blogging seems like a good way of doing that.

Some things you should probably know about me:

Some days I’m 22 going on 80

Some days I’m 22 going on 13

Sometimes, when I’m on the bus on my way to work, my thought process is a continuous stream of irritation at the other people around me

Sometimes, when I’m on the bus on my way to work, I fantasise that everybody else wearing headphones is listening to One Direction B-sides, like me… 😎

I often feel like my head is swimming – like I’m drunk or about to fall asleep

I’m obsessed with YA dystopian fiction, and I don’t care if agents and editors are getting bored of it; I’ve had this story inside my brain for 5 years, and if I don’t let it out soon, I’m going to explode, and the debris of all my characters and places and words will fall to the ground like rain

I often get worked up and indignant about political issues I don’t really understand

I never used to make the most of my freedom to go outside in the fresh air while I had it, and now I work in an office, I miss it quite terribly…

Walking along the canal in the sunshine is one of the best ways to spend a lunchtime, ever

I would never admit this to anyone (apart from the whole damn internet, apparently), but I actually sort-of quite like Justin Bieber

I’m a Bridget Jones type messy person, with a posher-than-I’m-comfortable-with voice, and a tendency to fall over/spill things down myself/fail at any diet attempted…  also,

I bloody love wine.

Well, that’s me. Hope you enjoy whatever this experiment becomes…



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