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The ‘I Messed Up’ book tag

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you’re having a glorious one.

I’ve been tagged to do the ‘I Messed Up’ book tag by Ashley over at Fictional Living. You can go check out here wonderful blog here.

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Source: Tumblr

A character appearance that you misread or imagined differently:

Character descriptions always seem to go right over my head. When I first started The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, I initially pictured Magnus Bane as an old Merlin type guy with a long white beard (I guess because that’s the stock image for a warlock I have stored in my brain). Only when I re-read the first book did I realise he’s actually described as looking around 21, half Indonesian, with magical eyes which glow yellowy-green like a cat’s, and no facial hair whatsoever. WHOOPS.


Source: Tumblr (This Magnus is considerably prettier than the one I imagined! ❤️)

A character name that you’ve been pronouncing wrong:

Surely I can’t be the only person who read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone aged 7 and aspired to be just like HER-ME-OWN Granger?! My very own LevioSAR moment.

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An overused trope that is your guilty pleasure:

Ooh, gotta be… best friends suddenly realising they’re made for each other and that they’ve secretly loved each other their whole lives! Sometimes you just need a good old predictable happily-ever-after, y’know?

A cliché character type that you like better on screen than reading about:

100% the brooding-bad-boy on the dark side of the love triangle. I’m so bored of reading about that guy [insert eye roll and heavy sigh here], yet I hypocritically adore the whole angsty Stefan/Elena/Damon thang (Team Damon, obvs) in The Vampire Diaries TV show. It does things to my heart.

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A word/phrase you learned because of its use in a book:

I remember Googling the word ‘quixotic’ whilst I was reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles for the first time. It means ‘extremely idealistic, unrealistic, and impractical’. It’s my favourite word beginning with Q.

Have you ever not read or completed a required reading book for school?

Oh yes. I definitely sat through at least one English Lit seminar at uni nodding and smiling knowledgeably whilst having absolutely no idea what was happening…

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Have you ever (or wanted to) skipped a chapter from the point of view of a character you weren’t interested in?

I’ve never actually skipped a chapter of a book (it would feel all kinds of wrong), but I found myself wanting to skip all of the chapters from Glass’s point of view in The 100 by Kass Morgan. I watched the TV adaptation before reading the book, and her character wasn’t included in the show, so I just didn’t really care what she was up to. On the whole, I definitely prefer the TV show to the book in this rare case (although I gave up in the middle of Season 2 because it got really brutally violent and I couldn’t deal.)

Have you ever cancelled social plans to read a book? 

I’m an introvert, so the question you should really be asking is ‘did I make any social plans in the first place’?! 😉

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I don’t think I’ve ever cancelled plans specifically to read, but I do cancel plans when I’m really tired (because I can’t cope with conversations when I have no energy), and it’s not unlikely that I’ll spend that freed up time somewhere fictional. I like it when characters do all the talking so I don’t have to. 😊

I tag the following people (no pressure if you’ve already done this one or don’t want to!):

Deanna @ anovelglimpse
Charley @ booksandbakes
Michelle @ ahalfbloodfangirl
Beth @ readingeverynight

… and anybody else who wants to do this tag! 😘


49 thoughts on “The ‘I Messed Up’ book tag”

  1. So awesome. Btw, you’re not the only one to misinterpret Magnus – apparently the film dudes had cast an old dude and cassandra clare was like, ‘Nooooooooooooooooooo – he is young and hot not old and creepy!’ Xx

    1. Haha, me too, SO MANY FEELINGS! It’s the perfect set up and it takes away all possibility of annoying insta-love, because they already know each other so well 🙂

    1. Aww thanks 🙂 yeah, it’s probably my favourite type of romance plot, because the characters already know each other so well, so there’s no annoying insta-love, just lots of chemistry 😀

  2. I loooooooove this post! I definitely agree with most of these, especially the ‘best friends who end up falling in love” scenario, I’m a sucker for cute romances.

  3. haha that’s a funny way to picture magnus- although it makes sense! Oh yes- love that trope too!!! haha I’ve done that too with books at uni- I’ve even done exams on books I haven’t read :p Thanks so much for the tag- I’m really looking forward to doing this one! 😀

    1. Haha, I know – it just goes to show how little attention I pay to character appearance descriptions! And glad I’m not the only one who did that at uni haha.. which book did you do the exam on?! That’s actually pretty impressive, in all fairness. And you’re very welcome – I look forward to reading your answers 🙂

      1. haha I do the same from time to time- it’s just funny when there’s adaptations and I’m like “ohh he was supposed to look like that?!” haha I’m pretty sure I did it more than once (I did it for essays too from time to time) but the one I distinctly remember was writing an essay on the Dunciad based on a page of notes I took in a lecture :p I can’t remember why I chose to answer a question on something I hadn’t read (probably cos I’m nuts), but it worked out fine in the end :p

  4. Thanks so much for tagging me in this, I’ve never seen this one before but I’m definitely going to have to think hard about my answers because I can’t remember a character I misimagined what they look like. There are lots of characters who’s name I mispronounce though 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome 🙂 I look forward to seeing your answers if you decide to do the tag. And I mispronounce so many character names haha… and when I finally learn what they’re actually supposed to be, I can’t bring myself to change how I’m pronouncing them, because the correct way sounds all wrong to me!

      1. I’ll definitely do the tag, though it may take me a little while to get around it, I have quite a few tags in my drafts folder waiting to be published!
        I mispronounce a lot of stuff but after a while I just think to hell with it and carry on with the wrong pronunciation even when I know the right one. Same as you 😀

      2. Haha, no pressure – I have exactly the same issue… I have a backlog of about 15 tags which I will get to *someday* 🙂 some of them are from last year…

      3. Yeah, I try and get them done soon-ish but they’re always a little late 🙂 and wow, last year, I think the latest tag I posted is only from a month ago. I try not to go past one month before posting a tag!

      1. Definitely agree! I wasn’t a huge fan of most of the casting for the movie, but Godfrey Gao was perfect for Magnus. But I really love Harry Shum JR. ❤

  5. I misread characters’ looks ALL. THE. TIME. Hahahaha! And team damon is the best ❤ On both books and tv show!!! I'm not really tv-Elena's fan, tho. You could call the tv show Damon's Diaries and make him go for Alaric for all that I care – and for all that I could wish for lol

    1. I do like Elena in the show, but she can be a bit morally goody-good at times, which is a bit annoying! But I love Nina Dobrev, so I forgive her. I hate book Elena though. OMG though totally with you on Damon and Alaric – I love their bromance, but they would be amazing if it developed into something more 😉 ❤ ❤

      1. Then it works, haha! You give show Elena some love and I give book Elena some love ❤ We harmonize things! /o/ I miss my emojis right now… Okay, moving on. AND I KNOW, RIGHT?! ALARIC IS THE ONLY PERSON ON THAT SHOW THAT TRULY DESERVES DAMON'S ATTENTIONS AND LOVE! *—-* ❤

      2. It’s true haha! How many of the books have you read? I think I got up to book 7 or something, but then apparently the original author was replaced by another writer and more books were released (still under her name) but they were by someone else. I haven’t read any of those! AND SO TRUE ABOUT ALARIC! ❤ How far have you got with the TV series? I now want to search the internet for Damon and Alaric fanfiction ❤ ❤

      3. I’ve read only until book fourth because IT TOOK SO DAMN LONG TO BRAZILIAN PUBLISHERS TO BRING THE REST THAT I GOT LOST ON THE CORRCT ORDER! =O Now I need to keep reading hahaha! And I know, so sad about what happened to the author 😦 not having power over her own story… Anyway, I need to re-read the four books and keep going 🙂 Also, I only finished the show up to season 2 because I’m weird lol But I know all the spoilers and such, I keep reading them on purpose when online lol AND YES, PLEASE!!! Alaric and Damon fanfiction for the win!!

      4. Aww that’s a shame you had to wait so long for them to come out 😦 I might re-read them at some point, because I can’t remember much about the first few books. Did you read the one where they go to some kind of underworld place though? I remember that was awesome, but have no idea which book it was in! I know, it’s awful isn’t it – and she had no idea that she didn’t have full ownership of her work. 😦 It kind of makes me want to avoid the later books by the new author out of principle. But I do still want to see what else happens in the stories. Apparently though, the author continued writing the stories as fanfiction – I’m not sure where to find them though. Oooh please carry on watching the show, it gets better and better. And Damon gets prettier and prettier ❤ It's settled, I'm going on a fanfiction hunt – wish me luck!

      5. GOOD LUCK! And I didn’t reached so far in the books, sorry :(( I know you can find some useful links for the author’s fanfiction on Goodreads. Apparently, Amazon has this program for people to release fanfiction legally or smt like that. ANother thing that we have to hunt down sometime lol

      6. Oooh thanks, I’ll check out her Goodreads page! Yes, I heard about this Amazon thing, but I have a feeling it might only be available in the US 😦 I will have a look and let you know if I have any luck 🙂

      1. I still pronounce it that way 😀 There’s no way my brain can forget the pronunciation that I grew up with. I only watched the movies in original version when I was around 17. It’s too late now, haha!

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