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May Haul and the Month of Slump

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had marvellous Mays.

May has been a major book slump month for me. Half way through May, I hadn’t finished a single book, or posted ANYTHING on my blog… and worst of all, I HADN’T BOUGHT ANY BOOKS!

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Thankfully, I got over that business like a pro, and I did end up lining my shelves with some very beautiful books indeed.

Sadly, I ended up getting rid of some books too….

giphy (34)

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But it had to be done. I was running out of space for my own body in my bedroom because I was piling books all over the floor, and I keep adding to the problem by buying a ridiculous number of books every month.

Although it hurt, I got fairly ruthless, and managed to narrow my collection down to one bookshelf, and a couple of boxes, containing only books that mean something to me, books I’ll re-read, and books I haven’t read yet.

Don’t get me wrong, the situation is still at crisis level… (see how the shelves are straining?!), but I’m proud of myself all the same:


(I wish I could make my shelves look as flawlessly tidy and glossy as some people’s do, but alas, I will always be the higgledy-piggledy variety of person in all corners of my life.)

So, let’s examine this month’s (slightly more restrained than usual? Oh, who am I kidding?!) book haul…

***To have and to hold***

A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas


I read and loved A Court of Thorns and Roses this month, so obviously I needed to pick this one up, stat! I started reading this last night, and although I’m cringing a little at the sex scenes (UM PLEASE DO NOT DESCRIBE KISSING AS ‘BRANDING’ #minisick) I am really enjoying it so far. You can read my review of the first book here.

It’s Not Me, It’s You – Mhairi McFarlane


Emma @ The Terror of Knowing recommended this book, and I went out and bought it straight away, as it sounded exactly the kind of cheer-me-up book I’d been craving. This was light-hearted, fun, and witty, with a very relatable protagonist. It appears in the ‘chick-lit’ section of the bookshop, but proves exactly why we should look beyond such silly classifications, which often lead us to dismiss great books. I loved every minute of this one.

The Butterfly Summer – Harriet Evans


(Sorry about all the gloom in this picture, my house is apparently the sworn enemy of natural light.)

I’m a huge fan of Harriet Evans’ books, and this one sounds so intriguing – it’s about a woman called Nina who inherits her family home, but with her birthright comes this mysterious role every woman in her family must embrace when they take over the running of the house. It’s a very vague synopsis, tbh, but it has me desperate to find out what’s going on!

Nightfall – Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski


This novel is set on a mysterious island where the sun only rises every 28 years. WHAT A PREMISE! Plus, it’s described as a ‘terrifying YA thriller’ on the cover… SOLD.

The Girl of Ink and Stars – Kiran Millwood Hargrave


I have to admit, this book was a total cover buy – I had no idea what it was about when I picked it up!

It turns out this is a fantasy novel set on an island the protagonist Isabella is forbidden to leave. It also involves a missing best friend, an ancient map, and an adventure into the ‘Forgotten Territories’ of the island. It sounds magical, and I’m SO HAPPY I blindly snapped this one up.

Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Summer Romances – Stephanie Perkins


I pre-ordered this book, as I really enjoyed the Christmassy ‘My True Love Gave to Me’ collection (also compiled by Stephanie). This arrives on Thursday and I’m so excited as the weather is grey and cold here in the UK and I need some summer sunshine, even if only the fictional variety…

***Digital love***

Dear Amy – Helen Callaghan


I received an ARC of this psychological thriller from Penguin via Netgalley. Watch this space, as I’ll be posting my review of this one later in the month.

The Reflections of Queen Snow White – David Meredith


The author kindly sent me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The premise really grabbed me: “What happens after the happily-ever-after?” I haven’t started this one yet, but I’m really excited to do so! Review coming soon.

***Read me a story***

I never usually buy audiobooks, but this month I decided to download one, as I wasn’t in the mood to read myself.

It turns out, due to my technological ineptitude, I wasn’t able to make this sync with my iPod, so I haven’t actually listened to it yet!

The book I went for was…

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson Book 1) – Rick Riordan


I must be one of the only people left on the planet who’s never picked up one of Rick Riordan’s books, and I thought it was high time I did something about that! 🙂

So, that concludes my May book haul! I’m going to try my best not to buy any books in June, as I’m attending YALC (the Young Adult Literature Convention in London) in July and I just know my haul from that event is going to be massive. I mean, I’m considering bringing a wheely suitcase to cart my purchases around the venue – that’s how big I’m planning to go!

Wish me luck, and slap me if you see me buying books!

Have you read any of these books? Are your bookshelves also on the verge of collapsing? And are any of you lovely people attending YALC this year? I’d love to hear from you!

29 thoughts on “May Haul and the Month of Slump”

    1. I know right?! I fell in love before I even read the synopsis haha! But the synopsis does indeed sound awesome too 🙂 Alsooo the inside pages are decorated with little illustrations and patterns – it’s so beautiful! ❤

    1. Ahh thank you! Not sure how successful I will be as the last time I tried to ban myself, I ended up failing and buying like 15 books hahaha. I am really excited for YALC – I went last year and it was so much fun. Hope you’ll get the chance to attend someday too 😀

  1. The Girl of Ink and Stars and Nightfall sound really interesting! Do you know which you’re going to read first?

    1. I know, I’m so excited to read both of them! 😀 I’m not sure which I’ll get to first, but I’m leaning towards The Girl of Ink and Stars as I’m in the mood to read fantasy at the moment. But I hope to read both this month! 🙂

      1. I’ve ordered The Girl of Ink and Stars so I hope it’s good! I’ll keep an eye out for your review if you write one for it 🙂

      2. Ahh awesome, I hope so too! I’ve heard good things, so I have high expectations haha! I’ll keep an eye out for yours too 🙂

  2. I feel your pain, I think I went into a mini-slump this month because I didn’t get through nearly as many books as I normally would! But this is an amazing haul, I’ve seen The Girl of Ink and Stars EVERYWHERE and I am so so tempted to pick it up.
    Also you’re not alone, I haven’t picked up any of Rick Riordan’s books either, they’re on my to-read list for this month though! 😀

    1. Aww nooo – book slumps are the worst aren’t they? 😦 I’ve never really had one before, it was weird – I think I was just really tired and stressed so reading felt difficult to me as all I wanted to do was sleep. Also, glad I’m not the only one who has never read any Rick Riordan! Which of his books are you planning to read this month? And I also keep seeing The Girl of Ink and Stars everywhere (there’s a huge display in my local Waterstones which proves that marketing works haha!). Let me know if you end up getting that one too 😀

      1. God they’re awful. I seem to have at least one a year so hopefully this is my one over and done with, last year it was really bad, I don’t think I picked up anything new for at least a month!
        I’m gonna have to start with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, my sisters gotten me the series for my birthday so I’m gonna be able to start the books soon 🙂 are you planning to start the series soon?
        Yes there’s a display in my local Waterstones as well, I keep walking past it so I may have to pick it up next time I go in 😀

      2. Aww a month long reading slump must have been so horrible! 😦 hopefully it’s over now! 🙂 Ahh that’s awesome, I will probably start Percy Jackson this month, if I can figure out how to get the audiobook onto my iPod – it didn’t work when I tried to sync it and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong!

      3. Yeah it wasn’t great, everything I tried to read I quit after a chapter and there were so many new books released I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up D:
        Ohh, good luck with that, I’m not very technologically knowledgeable so I can’t really offer any advice but I hope you manage to get it working soon! 🙂

  3. Oh what a lovely haul Jess. Percy Jackson is a great series of books. I can’t wait to get my hands on ACOMF. Still waiting on the books I ordered to arrive.

    1. Thanks! 😀 I’ve heard so many great things about the Percy Jackson series – everyone seems to love them so much – so I’m really excited to read (well, listen to!) the first book 🙂 Look forward to seeing what you think of ACOMAF – I’m just a few chapters in, but gonna have a long reading session this evening 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ so much. It makes me feel so happy to see other people pick up books because of my recommendation and then have them enjoy it too. 🙂

    The Girl of Ink and Stars’ cover is so lovely – I can see how it might be a cover buy but the synopsis sounds so intriguing, I might have to pick it up myself!

    1. Thanks again for inspiring me to pick it up – it was just what I needed 🙂 And I agree – it makes me so happy when people pick up books I’ve loved! Look forward to seeing what you think if you decide to pick up The Girl of Ink and Stars – I’m really happy the cover-buy turned out to have such a good synopsis – it was a total accident haha! 🙂 I’m really excited to read it, so I’ll probably do so this month!

      1. I’m sure if I wander into Waterstones I will since they keep putting it on show right at the front haha 😛

  5. This is an Amazing collection of books! myself and Wanderingwords are actually reading The Girl of Ink and Stars for our Words and Geeks Bookclub for June! I am so Excited for reading this book it is so beautiful I love the cover and the detail of the pages.

    1. I know it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? I’ve never owned a book which is so pretty inside as well as out! I look forward to seeing how you get on with the book – I’m hoping to read it in June too 😀

      1. I just hope that the writing is as good as the beauty of the book haha. Im actually really happy too as I am dyslexic and I can actually read blue on white easier than black so the fact that the text is printed in blue is super cool for mr

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! 🙂 It seems like everyone has read these books but me haha. Once I figure out how to get the audiobook onto my iPod I’ll start reading (well, listening to) this one asap 🙂 Hope you enjoy the book too!

  6. Sorry to hear you were in a slump this month! I hope June’s better for you ♥ Props for doing an unhaul too! I should probably do the same, but I just have too many attachment issues haha. I won Nightfall in a Goodreads giveaway last month – hopefully we both enjoy it! And ahh, I’m so excited for you to read Percy Jackson. I hope you love it!

    1. Thanks Lauren 🙂 Yesss I am quite proud of the unhaul haha, it’s long overdue. I feel your pain on those attachment issues, I found it pretty difficult letting go! Ooh that’s awesome – when are you planning on reading Nightfall? I’m hoping to get to it this month 🙂 It looks really interesting! And I’m probably going to start listening to the Percy Jackson audiobook today, as I’m off sick from work and don’t feel like reading directly. I’m really excited – everyone seems to LOVE this series, and I’m sooo late to the part with this one haha!

      1. I’m not entirely sure, but I’m going to try and aim for as soon as I can. Ooh, yay!! I really hope you enjoy it 😊 and aw, I only read them a few years ago if that helps 😅 at least you don’t have to wait for any of the books 😆

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