I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 31… (Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?)

HI I’M JESS. She/her. Autistic. Obsessed with pigs, plushies, and all things cute and fluffy.

I blog about books, in particular Young Adult, Horror, and Thrillers.

Feel free to drop by and say hiiii.


Twitter:  mud_and_stars

Goodreads: mudandstars

Instagram: pigglypuffandfriends (this is not book-related, but is an account I made for my stuffed pig, haha! Kind of like a ‘travelling teddy’ who doesn’t go anywhere but does take a lot of naps! If you like plushies/cuteness, feel free to follow!)


160 thoughts on “About”

    1. Ahh that’s awesome, thank you!! 🙂 I’m just checking out your post now. Yes the pingbacks give you a notification that somebody has tagged you. So basically if you want to notify someone they’ve been tagged, you just need to link to their about page, or to one of their blog posts, rather than the main URL of their blog. 🙂 It literally took me like 7 months of blogging to figure that out myself though… oops! xx

      1. Ohh…😅thanks so much for the help/clarification! ahaha it probably would have taken me 7 months tooo😂💞

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